Speaking Engagements

Dr. Kenneth Lacovara is sought around the world for his ability to bring the wonders of science and the thrill of discovery to a wide range of audiences.

“He’s got a way of illuminating the bigger picture, of somehow turning ‘why’ into wonder. It’s not just that he’s speaking about what happened way back when, but what it might mean for us today.” Chris AndersonCurator & Head of TED

Dr. Lacovara speaks on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Why Dinosaurs Matter
  • The discovery of Dreadnoughtus
  • Death of the dinosaurs, birth of a fossil park: using fossils as the gateway drug to the sciences
  • The lost dinosaurs of Egypt
  • Next generation paleontology: new tools for old bones
  • Leadership in harsh conditions
  • STEM education: teaching parsimony and growing better citizens
  • Why being uncomfortable leads to happiness
  • What business can learn from paleontology: enterprise models embedded in evolution

Speaking Venues Include:
TED Summit (Edinburgh, Scotland) (Upcoming)
Yale Peabody Museum (Upcoming)
Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (Paris)
Kinnernet Europe (Avalon, France)
TED (Vancouver, Canada)
TED Summit (Banff, Canada)
INK Conference (Goa, India)
La Cuidad de las Ideas (Puebla, Mexico)
London Museum of Natural History (London, England)
Lapworth Museum (Birmingham, England)
Royal Scottish Museum (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Aberdeen Science Centre (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Etches Museum (Dorsett, England)
Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, Stonely Lecture (London, England)
Smithsonian Museum (Washington)
National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists (Boston)
Southwest Research Institute (Denver)
NASA New Horizons Mission Control (Baltimore)
Explorers Club (New York City)
Liberty Science Center (New York City)
IVY (Washington)
Linda Hall Library of Science (Kansas City)
Cleveland Museum of Natural History (Cleveland)
Museo Padre Molina (Rio Gallagos, Argentina)
iNatura Science Museum (Dornbirn, Austria)
North Carolina Museum of Science (Raleigh)
Delaware Museum of Natural History
Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia)
Global Cause Foundation (Philadelphia)
DuPont (Wilmington)
Fiber Society (Philadelphia)
International Tissue Phenomics (Boston)
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Bates College
Bowdoin College
Bryn Mawr College
Colby College
University of Pennsylvania

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