Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park of Rowan University

Dr. Lacovara is founding Director of the Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park of Rowan University, set on 65 acres in Mantua Township, NJ. The site contains the finest exposure of Cretaceous age deposits east of the Mississippi and produces an astounding array of 65 million year old fossils from marine and terrestrial organisms.

Marine deposits at the site span the Cretaceous/Paleogene (K/Pg) boundary. Lacovara and his team are carefully examining a bonebed found in this boundary layer and are evaluating a hypothesis linking these animals to the end-Cretaceous global disaster that resulted in the Earth’s 5th mass extinction.

In addition to conducting research at the site, Dr. Lacovara frequently leads school and community groups on tours of the site. Over 2,000 visitors attend the popular and highly anticipated Annual Community Dig Day event, hosted by Lacovara. He is leading the effort to develop the park into a one-of-a-kind center for STEM education facility, that will include a museum, laboratories and learning spaces.

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